Six50 King West Lofts (95 Bathurst)

95 Bathurst St, Toronto ON M5V2P9

Type: Soft Loft
Avg/SF: $550
Number of Units: 233
Floors: 16
Built: 2012
Developer: Freed Developments

Another cutting edge residential development from the insatiable Freed Development. The project is one 9-storey building (650 King St W) and one 16-storey building (95 Bathurst St), joining together to form an L-shape, fronting on King Street as well as 95 Bathurst Street respectively. Inspired by the back-to-nature aesthetic of the green movement, developer Peter Freed describes Six50 King Street as a building that's alive with green, not just concrete and glass. A reimagined historical property wrapped in a boxwood hedge, Six50 King's visual juxtaposition of old brick and new green shoots makes for a contemporary chic, as well as an environmentally friendly design statement. This is a LEED registered project adding character to the on-going gentrification of Central King West.




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