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Liberty Village LOFTS & CONDOS FOR SALE - Toronto

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Listing information last updated on November 20, 2017

The area known as Liberty Village is a 43-acre master-planned community, combining residential, commercial and retail uses. A very desirable neighbourhood is attracting young professionals in media, high-tech and design businesses who live and work in the urban core.

There is a gritty, urban feel and a unique vibrancy to Liberty Village, which emanates from the red brick Victorian industrial architecture that dominates the streetscape. The tall chimney smoke stacks that project from some of these old buildings serve as neighbourhood landmarks.



  1. Toy Factory Lofts - 43 Hanna Ave
  2. Liberty Market Lofts - 5 Hanna Ave
  3. Battery Park Condos & Lofts - 50 Lynn Williams Rd
  4. Vibe Condos & Lofts - 100 Western Battery Rd
  5. Zip Condos & Lofts - 80 Western Battery Rd