High Park Lofts

437 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto ON M6R2N4

Type: Soft Loft
Avg/SF: $535
Number of Units: 96
Floors: 7
Built: 2008
Developer: Stinson Properties

Toronto's 1st Geothermal condo building! An impressive landmark for the area with unique architectural details throughout such as a spectacular 80 ft. garden Atrium and rooftop terrace with great city views. Vibrant and thriving neighbourhood! Constructed in a grand ‘town hall style’, it features a tower with 3 backlit, antique-style clocks and a spectacular climate controlled atrium garden providing a ‘cathedral like’ ambiance with its towering ceilings, gracefully arched beams and incorporating the gothic stained glass windows of the original St. Jude’s Parish Hall. After being greeted at the grand arch entry by the concierge, residents and visitors enter a lushly landscaped indoor garden. The roof of the building has been subdivided into individual lots to create a personal rooftop garden for residents who opted for one. A boardwalk ‘street’ encircles the roof. The roof top level also features outdoor BBQ facilities, offering a panoramic view of the downtown skyline and lake –unlike the typical windswept concrete of many condo building rooftops! From an environmental perspective, such ‘green roofs’ contribute significantly to the quality of the atmosphere as well as modifying urban heat waves. High Park Lofts features the energy-efficient (and environmentally-friendly) geothermal and solar powered systems to help keep costs down and provide for a more “green” environment.




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